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Exodus Project

The Exodus Project is a unique learning community at Schreiner University
for those who may feel a little like Moses...

Exodus Project

Moses was one of the greatest leaders in all of the Bible, but he didn’t start out that way! He stuttered, he lacked confidence, he even tried to tell God no! Yet, through the adventure of following God, he became the leader both God and the people needed.

Christian leaders are not born ready for the great adventure of leadership. It is through the journey of learning and discipleship, service and discernment of where God is guiding you, that you will be shaped into a leader for the 21st century.

Members of The Exodus Project
will participate together in...

* Academics - as a cohort in the Fall in IDST1301 and IDST2200 (Career Exploration) in the Spring.
* Discipleship - meeting weekly to grow in faith and find support from God and the EP community
* Service - choosing local churches or agencies to partner with an hour a week
* Retreats - time away in the Fall and Spring to learn how to be servant leaders and to listen for what God wants you to do with your “one wild and precious life!” (quote by Mary Oliver)

or to just learn more, contact Rev. Gini Norris-Lane, Campus Minister
email: vanorrislane@schreiner.edu phone: 830-792-7284

Application Instructions: Once you have been admitted to Schreiner University, you will have access to the online application through your Schreiner One account. Priority applications are due by March 31st for the 2015-2016 school year.