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Returning Mountaineers, welcome back. Last year's accomplishments were great for our campus community. We can attest to community expansion in service, in academics, and in our student life. I am certain that our community will continue to thrive as we learn and grow together this year

New Mountaineers, welcome to our community! You are embarking on an experience that will resonate with you throughout your days. Schreiner University will provide you an environment where you will learn, grow, and discern your calling in life. we look forward to seeing how each of you will live out the Schreiner Promise and contribute to our campus.

The Student Government Association is the largest organization on campus, primarily because every student has a voice in our community's affairs. It is your choice on whether to use your voice to benefit our community. The association will meet every Tuesday at 7:15 pm in the River Room and all students are welcome to attend.

Erik Cunningham
Student Body President