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Health Clinic Services
Schreiner University Health Clinic is directed by a registered nurse who consults with Peterson Medical Associates to evaluate and treat minor illnesses, provides first aid treatment or injury assessment, and assists with referrals to appropriate healthcare providers as needed. Health guidance information also available. A variety of health education and literature is available in the Health Clinic lobby.  All services are confidential. Over the counter medications for allergies, cuts and pain relief may be provided at patient request.

Services provided in the Health Clinic include:
•    Evaluation and treatment of minor illnesses
•    Dressing, ace wraps, ice/heat packs, medicated ointments, etc. for first aid care
•    Suture and suture removal
•    Flu vaccines
•    Over the counter medication with personal instructions for use
•    Educational brochures for health conditions and wellness prevention
•    Vital sign monitoring
•    Point of care testing including glucose monitoring, pregnancy tests, urinalysis, mononucleosis, rapid strep test and flu
•    STD testing discussion and referral assistance
•    Physician referrals as needed
•    Information on services available in the area
•    Wellness discussion and referral to Wellness Coordinator upon request

Please bring driver's license and insurance card.  You can complete forms on arrival to clinic or download from the website and bring with you.

Wellness Program Services

Schreiner University’s Wellness Department is dedicated to helping students set and reach health related goals in a variety of ways. Free fitness classes are offered throughout the week. You may contact the Wellness Coordinator with a goal in mind and he will get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. The schedule and description to free fitness classes offered throughout the week can be found on the Schreiner calendar. All classes are set at an experience level which will help you effectively exercise, but not leave you behind if you miss a class.

Services provided in the Wellness Department include:

•    Provides wellness education information
•    Offers diet and nutrition counseling
•    Weight loss monitoring and counseling
•    Sponsors various groups on campus to assist with activities
•    Free fitness classes
•    Personal trainer opportunities
•    Coordinates annual health fair and other wellness programs throughout the year
•    Tobacco cessation assistance
•    Consults with the campus nurse regarding health related concerns

Services are provided free to full, part-time, non-degreed, and graduate students registered at Schreiner. Co-enrollee, Transient, and Senior Auditor students are not eligible for Health and Wellness Services. All services provided are confidential. All students are required to provide a Health History Information Form, which is kept on file in the Health Clinic. If you have health insurance, it is recommended to provide a front and back copy of your insurance card to the Health Clinic to better serve your health needs.