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Welcome to Schreiner University Counseling Services

For many students, college life may be the first experience living away from home for an extended period of time. The individual's usual sources of support are no longer present to facilitate adjustment to the unfamiliar environment.

College will present challenges for everyone. You will be faced with some difficult life decisions, a questioning of values, and a redefining of attachments and commitments, or other problems in living that may interfere with your academic success.

Counseling services offers you a safe atmosphere where personal, academic, health, or career concerns can be openly discussed and explored with a professionally trained counselor. Our services are confidential, free, and are available to currently enrolled students.

The counseling service goals will be to provide:
• Individual counseling in the area of personal, career development & vocational choices, interpersonal relationships, family, health & social problems
• Group counseling
• Assessment when appropriate
• Crisis intervention, as appropriate and in relationship to other available mental health resources
Please visit the Schreiner Paws Portal for updated counseling event details.

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For information, contact:     
Kim WoodsKim Woods
Director of Counseling Services
Mountaineer Fitness Center   |   CMB 6220
(830) 792-7279   |