For Students and Alumni: Career Plan

For Students:  Career Planning - The Four-Year Plan
As you begin your college career allow for the Office of Career Development to assist you on your journey by taking advantage of our “Four Year Career Plan” to guide you step by step as you plan for your future.

Inquiry: Self and Career Awareness

□ Enroll in core courses
□ Choose a major, tentatively
□ Explore clubs, organizations, and other activities
□ Participate in on-campus work-study
□ Get to know faculty, administrators and staff
□ Improve interpersonal skills by meeting new people
□ Take interest and personality inventories (Typefocus)
□ Talk with the Director of Career Development about possible career choices
□ Develop initial resume
□ Register on the Career Development Online Database (Jobs4Mountaineers)
Summer Vacation
□ Get a job, internship or volunteer
□ Learn to work with others
□ Gain experience


Assessment and Exploration
□ Research specific careers and required qualifications
□ Investigate the employment outlook for your options
□ Complete self-assessment: values, skills, interests and goals
□ Continue to be active in extracurricular activities and to develop interpersonal skills
□ Attend events sponsored by the Career Development Office
□ Check into and participate in internships
□ Conduct informational interviews with professionals in careers of interest
□ Volunteer to “shadow” a professional
□ Discuss career questions with advisor or Director of Career Development
Summer Vacation
□ Get a job, internship or volunteer
□ Develop interpersonal skills
□ Develop good work ethic


Evaluating Career Options
□ Review academic plan as relates to career options
□ Enroll in electives that will make you more competitive for the world of work
□ Get a part-time job or internship in related field
□ Research career options in relation to your interest, skills, values and goals
□ Make employment/graduate school choices
□ Attend career fairs and Career Development seminars
□ Continue to seek advice from faculty, advisors, and Career Development staff
□ Build professional wardrobe
Summer Vacation
□ Compile self-evaluation and qualifications
□ Get a job/internship in chosen field to test interests


Realization – Making Decisions
□ Complete course requirements for major
□ Discuss career choice with advisor or Career Development staff
□ Maintain contact with faculty, staff and administrators
□ Continue relevant work experience
□ Join professional organizations
□ Schedule a mock interview
□ Research specific information about employers
□ Attend career fairs and Career Development seminars
□ Update resume; load resume into Jobs4Mountaineers database
□ Participate in on- and off-campus interviews
□ Follow-up on job vacancy announcements
□ Send resumes and inquiry letters to target employers
□ Evaluate career employment options
□ Make career decisions and prepare for employment
Summer Vacation
□ Good luck and strive to achieve!