MFC Safety Course

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We recommend that anyone with questions about the fitness equipment in the MFC sign up for exercise equipment safety course to become better familiarized with the weight machines, free weight area, and cardio equipment. The course is free and needs to be scheduled at the MFC front desk. It needs to be understood that our exercise equipment safety course is not meant to be a Personal Training session or a fitness program. The intention of this course is to better familiarize individuals with the fitness equipment and safety polices within the MFC and answer questions an individual may have about proper use of the equipment. The course is designed to be a one-time course. Any additional questions an individual may have can be addressed at the MFC front desk.

As a result of the new exercise equipment safety course, we have modified the age requirement to use the Mountaineer Fitness Center. The age requirement to use the fitness center now begins at 13. However, there are some specific requirements for individuals between the ages of 13-15 to be able to use the exercise facility.

1. Any individual between the ages of 13-15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and must be exercising with the parent or guardian (the parent or guardian can not simply be in the room -- they must be actively exercising with the individual).

2. Individuals between the ages of 13-15 must complete the safety course (provided by the MFC staff) prior to using the facility. A parent or guardian must attend the safety course with the individual. See below for information about the safety course for the summer.

We also require individuals ages 16-17 complete the safety course accompanied by a parent or guardian. However, the individual may complete the course without a parent or guardian if permitted to drive. Once the safety course has been completed individuals ages 16-17 may use the fitness center without being accompanied by a parent or guardian.

It is not required for individuals 18 or older to complete the safety course; however, we encourage anyone unfamiliar with fitness equipment to complete the safety course.

*To schedule a safety course session for the summer please call the Mountaineer Fitness Center front desk for an appointment.

For more information contact:
Mountaineer Fitness Center
Front Desk: (830) 792-7373